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Doris Berchtold’s paper entitled ‘A systems-level study reveals regulators of membrane-less organelles in human cells’ is accepted for publication. Congratulations!!

This work performed parallel large-scale gene perturbation screens in human cells on 6 membraneless organelles, and applied advanced computer vision and multivariate analyses to quantify effects on the morphology and abundance of these organelles at the single-cell level for each of the perturbed genes. This generated an unprecedented resource for deciphering the homeostasis of these organelles, identifying specific regulators, revealing regulatory crosstalk between organelles, and for finding hierarchical interactions between membraneless organelles and the phenotypic state of cells, shining new light on their cell physiological roles. Following up on PML nuclear bodies revealed that the dual-specificity kinases HIPK1/2 control their abundance, which may be a means to regulate progression through S phase.

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