VisiScope Confocal Cell explorer


  • The VisiScope Confocal Cell Explorer is a fluorescence imaging system combining epi-fluorescence microscopy and a Yokogawa CSU-W1 spinning disk confocal.
  • Being connected to two PCO Edge sCMOS cameras this setup is able to acquire two different channels at the same time (Dual-Cam Mode). The combination of 5 lasers, several dual-, triple- and singlepass filters, a HXP-120 metal-halid fluorescent lamp and a set of 6 objectives as well as the installed perfect focus system, a XY-motorized stage with a Ludl NanoPrecision Z-stage and a heat and CO2 controlled incubator allow very advanced long term automated high-throughput live imaging on this setup.

This imaging system is used for very long time-lapse imaging (up to 6 days) of cells in culture and organoids. Programs allow combinations of short periods of fast time-lapse imaging with longer periods of slow time-lapse imaging. This enables the sampling of fast-occuring dynamics inside single cells (e.g. of vesicles) over long periods of time, in order to study how dynamics at short time-scales may fluctuate or adapt over long time-scales.



  • Nikon Ti-e inverted microscope
  • CSUW1-M1 (dual Nipkow disc with 50mm pinholes) combined with CSUW1-FW
  • Confocal and epi-fluorescence observation modes.
  • Dual sCMOS; 2560×2160 pixels camera‚Äôs with a 17 x 14 mm wide field optical chip.
  • VS LaserModule with LaserMerge (405 nm (200 mW), 488 nm (150 mW), 514 nm (60 mW), 561 nm (200 mW) and 640 nm (150 mW))
  • HXP 120X illumination system: 120 W mercury short arc lamp
  • Microscope filter sets: DAPI, GFP, YFP, Cy5, dual DAPI/RFP and GFP/Cy5 and a quad-band cube, DAPI, GFP, RFP and Cy5
  • Nikon Perfect Focus System
  • Motorized stage with NanoPrecision Piezo Z-stage
  • Objectives: 20x air, 40x air, 40x water immersion, 60x water immersion, 100x TIRF oil immersion
  • Environment control: XL-4 incubation chamber, adjustable CO2 control, Temperature control 37 & heating unit