VisiScope Confocal Cell explorer


  • The VisiScope Confocal Cell Explorer is a fluorescence imaging system combining epi-fluorescence and spinning disk confocal microscopy.
  • Two PCO Edge sCMOS 5.5 cameras on a beam-splitter, enable this setup to acquire two channels at the same time (Dual-Cam Mode). The combination of 5 lasers, several dual-, triple- and singlepass filters, a HXP-120 metal-halid fluorescent lamp and a set of 6 objectives as well as the Nikon Perfect Focus System, a X-Y-motorized stage with a Ludl NanoPrecision Z-stage for fast optical sectioning and a heat and CO2 controlled incubator, allow very advanced long term automated high-throughput live imaging on this setup.

This imaging system is used for very long time-lapse imaging (up to 6 days) of 2D and 3D cell cultures. Programs allow combinations of short periods of fast time-lapse imaging with longer periods of slow time-lapse imaging. This enables the imaging of highly dynamical events in single cells (e.g. the movement of vesicles) over short periods of time and slow events (e.g. cell cycle) over long periods of time.



  • Nikon Ti-e inverted microscope
  • CSU-W1-M1 (dual Nipkow disc with 50mm pinholes) combined with CSU-W1-FW. 50 um pinholes.
  • Confocal and epi-fluorescence observation modes.
  • Dual sCMOS; 2560×2160 pixels camera’s with a 17 x 14 mm wide field optical chip.
  • VS LaserModule with LaserMerge (405 nm (200 mW), 488 nm (150 mW), 514 nm (60 mW), 561 nm (200 mW) and 640 nm (150 mW))
  • HXP 120X illumination system: 120 W mercury short arc lamp
  • Microscope filter sets: DAPI, GFP, YFP, Cy5, dual DAPI/RFP and GFP/Cy5 and a quad-band cube, DAPI, GFP, RFP and Cy5
  • Nikon Perfect Focus System
  • Motorized Y-X stage with NanoPrecision Piezo Z-stage for fast optical sectioning
  • Objectives: 20x air, 40x air, 40x water immersion, 60x water immersion, 100x TIRF oil immersion
  • Environment control: XL-4 incubation chamber, adjustable CO2 control, Temperature control 37 & heating unit