Large-scale liquid handling robot

Beckmann Coulter’s Biomek FX is a versatile pipetting robot that is equipped with two Pods (pipetting heads), a 96 channel fixed and a Span 8 channel that can be programmed per individual channel, which gives this device a high flexibility. It has a volume range from 1 to 200 ul and the plate formats that can be handled are 96 and 384 wells.

With its large deck capacity of 16 ALP’s (Automated Labware Positioners) it can handle complex tasks in plate replication, reformatting and serial dilutions.

The integrated Cytomat plate hotel is an ambient temperature storage for  up to 126 high sized labware plus 126 standard microplates and serves the Biomek FX. In this way methods can be looped for high-throughput purposes.

The whole setup is placed in a sterile laminar flow enclosure.

The whole system is operated via Biomek method composer and SAMI integration software.

We use this setup mainly for the generation of ready-to-use cell plates from various knock-down(selected subsets or genome-wide libraries of siRNA or CRISPR) and chemical compound libraries. The throughput of this robot allows us to generate cell plates for 6 genome-wide siRNA screens within a few days.



  • 96 channel pipetting head with gripper, Pod1
  • 8 channel flexible pipetting head, Pod2
  • Pipetting range 1-200 ul
  • 17 labware positions (ALPs) on the deck
  • One position can function as a stirrer
  • Cytomat Plate Hotel for storage of up to 252 plates/tipboxes
  • Plate loader delivers the plates to the Biomek
  • Barcode reader
  • Suitable for 96 and 384 well titer plates
  • Sterile environment
  • Biomek and SAMI software driven


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