Automated screening microscope

MDThe ImageXpress Micro (a.k.a. MD) is an automated widefield microscope for high content automated cellular imaging in epi-fluorescent observation.

The current set up of the lab allows imaging at 10x, 20x and 40x magnification in a variety of wave lengths.

In addition, the system is equipped with a high-speed laser autofocus system which allows robust focusing of samples in short times. It also equipped with an environmental control which allows live cell imaging.

This system is mostly used for the automated imaging of large numbers of single cells, and for high-throughput image-based screens.



  • Objectives; 10x S Fluor 0.5 NA, 20x S Fluor 0.75 NA, 40x S Fluor 0.95 NA
  • Equiped with DAPI (x374/50, m447/60), FITC (x438/24, m483/32), Cy3 (x531/40, m593/50), TexasRed (x562/40, m624/40) and Cy5 (x628/40, m692/40) filter sets
  • Lumencor Spectra X light engine
  • Andox Zyla 4.2 sCMOS camera
  • Well plate formats 6, 24, 96 and 384 can be imaged
  • Environmental control allows temperature, CO2 and humidity control.
  • The system runs with MetaExpress Image and Analysis software