Required! Make sure to install Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox for Matlab.

CellClassifier was developed to enable cell biologists to apply supervised machine learning in their image-based experiments for the automated classification of single-cell phenotypes. The main features are:

  • An intuitive and easy-to-use graphical user interface developed in MatLab to upload and visualize microscopy images. CellClassifier displays each original image interactively, so that each cell is recognized and made ‘clickable’.
  • Three methods of supervised machine learning: Support Vector Machines (SVM), including multiclass SVMs, multilinear perceptrons, and k-nearest neighbors. Developers can easily add their own methods.
  • Possibility to display fractions of correctly and incorrectly classified cells during the course of training in order to evaluate the classification performance and its improvement through training iterations.
  • Export of classification results at the single-cell level to MatLab-readable files and at the population level to standard spreadsheet programs.



The user interface of CellClassifier. Cell and nucleus segmentation outlines (white lines) and single-cell class annotations (numbers) are shown. Moving the mouse over each cell centroid (white dot) and right-clicking allows manual classification or correction of automatically classified cells. Cells shown are HeLa cells stained with DAPI (blue) to visualize the nucleus and with an antibody against PolyA-binding protein (PABP) (red) to visualise RNA granules.


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