Automated Microscopes

IMG_0735We have three CellWorX microscopes in the lab. These are relatively simple, yet robust, automated microscopes for the imaging of multiwell plates that need no environmental control. Their unique focussed illumination method and deconvolution algorithm allow the generation of high-resolution images in narrow focal planes despite the use of only 10x and 20x air objectives.

These microscopes have been true workhorses of the lab in the early days. We estimate that they have imaged at least 2,000 384-well plates.

We have the 10x and our 20x CellWorX installed and fully functional to do scans on fixed plates under low magnification. The best applications for these microscopes are in experiments that need to acquire a large number of single-cell images but without requiring the highest resolution. They do still accurately allow a separation between cytosol and nucleus, cell outline and periphery, and at 20x also the detection of intracellular organelles, such as the Golgi complex or endosomes. They have been typically applied in high-throughput screens of virus infection or bacteria invasion.



  • 10x and 20x objectives
  • 4-colour imaging (UV, green, red, far red)
  • Automated stage
  • Software-based autofocus
  • No environmental control, ideal for fixed cells
  • Oblique illumination, allowing better confocality than conventional epifluorescence
  • Optional: automated deconvolution of images obtained while moving through z, using Deltavision algorithms