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A Leading Edge Review on ‘Passive Noise Filtering by Cellular Compartmentalization’, written by Thomas, Nico, and Lucas, appeared today in Cell. Check it out here.

In this review, the principle is presented by which compartmentalization can effectively filter out noise in biological systems, for instance by (short-term) nuclear retention of transcripts, which acts as a highly effective and global buffer of noise in transcription. Research is brought together that indicates that passive noise filtering may be accomplished by multiple different types of cellular compartmentalization, and in different types of biological systems. Finally, the review discusses how noise filtering by cellular compartmentalization may have been involved in the emergence of obligate multicellular organisms during evolution, which are, interestingly, all eukaryotes.

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The paper of Nico and Thomas on control of transcript variability in single mammalian cells is now online at Cell. Check the article here.

See also a related article by Shalev Itzkovitz and colleagues published on the same day in Cell Reports.

And a preview on the work written by Kevin Janes.

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On September 1, Doris Popovic joined our lab as a postdoctoral fellow. Doris did her PhD in the laboratory of Ivan Dikic at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany. In her PhD work, she discovered a mechanism by which endocytic carriers are targeted to autophagosomes during autophagy. For more details, check here.

In our lab, Doris will use a combination of systems biology and molecular cell biology approaches to study the poorly understood process of subcellular patterning of RNA molecules.